Al Peery

Artist’s Statement: My father was an architect and amateur photographer, so my first “exposure” to photography was through images of buildings and other structures that he captured in his travels. Although I’ve been shooting for over 40 years, the bug didn’t really bite in a personal way until I bought my first digital SLR in 2008 and began to experiment. I point it at everything...nature, landscapes, architecture, people, animals, name it. I enjoy capturing and sharing these images, and I’m very fortunate to live in a state graced by wonderful architecture and some of the most beautiful scenery to be found anywhere. I enjoy shooting unusual perspectives of scenes that we see everyday, hoping to capture the viewer’s imagination and inspire appreciation for buildings and scenery surrounding us. Some of the images are presented just as I saw them through the viewfinder, while some are digitally adjusted using a more artistic approach.

Bio: Al Peery graduated from WV State College in 1979 with a degree in Music Education. Upon graduation he immediately took a job in sales which lead to another job in sales and yet another job in sales which turned into a 25 + year career as a computer support technician. His work supporting newspapers and advertising professionals allowed him to become familiar with many of the tools used by computer artists and designers and instilled an interest in design not reinforced by any formal training.
Al is a musician and has contributed to the musical community in Charleston, West Virginia by playing with such ensembles as Still Portrait, The Velvet Brothers, The Velvet Nomads, MBQ, Blues du Jour, Comparsa and the Kanawha Valley Community Band. He lives in Charleston with his wife, Lisa, cats Xena and Harriet and countless unseen creatures.